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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Details

Shattered Memories actually happens to be a remake of the original Silent Hill that was released on the first Playstation. The idea is take what made the initial installment so unique and enhance it with today’s advanced technical proficiencies. This is a worthy goal, I say. Especially considering just how far the developer’s are taking this concept.

So…where to start? Well, Shattered Memories’ story follows that of the original. Mostly. Developer Climax has described it as more of a re-imagining than a remake, so the original story is being used more as a basic framework. In any case, the premise is that after you crash your car in the eerie and foggy town of Silent Hill, your daughter disappears. Of course, in Shattered Memories, it’s all a flashback, as you’re recounting these events to your psychiatrist. The fascinating thing is that he has you fill out a form about yourself, and your answers will effect events later in the game. For example, one of the questions involves whether or not you are a drinker. Later in the game, when another character asks you if you want a drink, whether or not you have one will depend on your earlier choice.

Pretty bizarre, huh? But the new Silent Hill’s complexities go deeper than that. There is an odd disclaimer at the beginning of the game that essentially says, “as you’re playing the game, the game is playing you.” Most every action you take and the way you take it is monitored carefully by the game, affecting both gameplay and storyline twists and turns until the game’s ending. Actually, there are multiple endings, and which one takes place will depend on the choices you have made over the course of the story. What’s really eerie is that the game follows your every move and even how you look at different objects. The smallest details can contribute.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is being released on the PS2, PSP, and Wii later in the year. So far, the Wii version is looking to be the most impressive. It’s quite innovative how you can use the Wii remote to control where you are pointing your flashlight, while the Nunchuck controls your characters movement actual movement at the same time.

Unlike in the original Silent Hill, Shattered Memories has almost no combat to speak of. When you are confronted or followed by enemies, it’s about keeping them away from you and finding an efficient means of escape, be it through a window or over a fence. In this day and age, that approach to combat is quite refreshing.

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Need For Speed Shift

Yes, yes, another Need For Speed. But trust me when I say that this one looks very different from the rest. A big part of that is undoubtedly due to the fact that the studio has dedicated themselves to making Shift a game that they believe will please both fans of realistic racers like Gran Turismo and fans of the more over-the-top racing franchises, like Burnout. That is no easy task, and it is very seldom that such a game greatly appealing to both crowds comes along.

In any case, Need For Speed is shaping up to be a very authentic game. The game’s Artificial Intelligence could almost be described as break-through, as other computer-controlled racers in the game will make constant mistakes on the track and slowly learn, just as a human player would. In fact, they even have what the designers called “personalities”. When under stress (such as after being struck by another car or left in the dust by several cars) the non-player racer will become nervous, making more mistakes and rasher decisions. At first, it may seem that this would make the game much more simple and easy, but what it ultimately means is that your opponents will be much more reactive than in past racing games. If you ram another racer’s car, he will be quite likely to get upset and nudge you back.

Speaking of past racing games, for a long time now the Need For Speed series has allowed players to customize the external look of their car. In Shift, however, you will also be able to customize the internal look of your car. And that brings a lot more to the table than you might think. When you play this game in the first-person cockpit view, you will soon notice that the entire inside is fully rendered in 3D. That is the real benefit of playing from the cockpit perspective; it’s very immersing. As in real life on the track, when you brake you fly forward in your seat, and when you accelerate you’re pulled back against the seat. It’s subtle details like these that impressed players at this year’s E3.

EA Games will be releasing Need For Speed: Shift on the PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Playstation Portable (PSP) on September 22, 2009.

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“Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen” Video Game Details

In 2007, publishing company Activision released a game developed by Traveller’s Tales, called Transformers: The Game. The game was based on the upcoming movie, Transformers, and like most movie license games it was rushed, shallow, and over far too quickly. So, this time around Activision has taken a different approach and handed the project over to developing studio Luxoflux, makers of True Crime: Streets Of L.A. and the racing game Vigilante 8. So, what adjustments will they be making to ensure that this new Transformers will not make the same mistakes as the last? Read on.

Luxoflux appears to be taking this game very seriously. First of all, the initial movement and combat system has been all but completely overhauled. The idea is that transformations will be extremely flexible, allowing you to perform them immediately after running up and flipping off of a building, or just after pulling off a shot with a gigantic sniper rifle in order to quickly escape out of sight. if all goes well, Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen should be a very complex game. Perhaps one of the only downsides of this is the slightly demanding learning curve when it comes to the controls.

In any case, the complex and fast-paced nature of the gameplay bring a real twist to the multiplayer. The game will feature at least three modes, the one’s we know about being Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and One Shall Stand, which has the players on each team protecting their respective leader and trying to eliminate the one on the opposing team, the Autobots’ being Optimus Prime and the Decepticons’ being Megatron.

As for the singleplayer, the campaign will follow the linear storyline from the film. Depending on how fast you complete a mission, you can be awarded points which are used to gain upgrades for your characters, one being faster weapon cooldowns.

Still, the online multiplayer will probably be the main draw, and will undoubtedly have people coming back for a long while after the game ships, which will be in June on the 23rd.

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